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Vicar's Letter

July 2018

Dear Friends & Neighbours,

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

July is a great month in so many ways, especially if you are involved in education. School holidays, the end of examinations, well for this academic year at least and thoughts perhaps of new beginnings. It's almost like the start of another new year. Funny how so much change goes on whether we are aware of it or not, sometimes whether we want it to or not. And here is our opportunity, to join in or not.

Fresh starts and new beginnings can be exciting and they can cause us to ask questions about things that we have taken for granted. A new groom had cooked his new bride their first Sunday Roast. It was very enjoyable but the bride wanted to know why the corner had been cut off of the joint before it went into the tin. "I have no idea" the groom replied. "It's something that my mother always does".

That afternoon they went to the groom's mother's for tea and so they asked "why is the corner always cut off of the joint before it is put in the oven?" "I don't know" the groom's mother replied "It's something that your grandmother always did. She's coming round later, we'll ask her" When asked, the grandmother explained that when she was first married she had a very small oven and it was the only way she could get the joint to fit!

So just because something has always been done in a certain way, it's often helpful if we understand why. Things may have changed and the need to keep doing the same things in the same way may no longer exist. Just like cutting the corner off of the joint. Holidays help us to step away from the everyday routines of the rest of the year and gives us the chance to rethink some of the things if not some of the people we might take for granted. And that's another reason why July can be a great month.
So whatever you have planned for holidays this year, I hope you return refreshed and renewed.
With best wishes and prayers


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