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Happy’s Circus

Wanborough Community Fund is hosting Happy’s Circus for the day on Sunday 18th June.

We are aiming to run the event as a non-profit making venture in order to keep the ticket prices as low as possible to encourage maximum attendance and enjoyment.

There will be other activities such as inflatables and plenty of refreshments on offer but you could also bring a picnic if you prefer.

All performances are the same so book whichever one fits in around any other Father's Day plans to ensure a fun packed day for all the family. Children will be seated together at the front with adults on tiered seating to the rear to ensure the best views are available for all.

For more information please contact Tessa Lanstein on 07795 057420 or tessaannlanstein@gmail.com (please note new email address: the old freeserve one goes out of action at the end of May!).