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From 2014 to 2016 a group a of local residents worked to assess the planning, development and social priorities of Wanborough Parish.

The Wanborough Neighbourhood Plan team operated its own website. After the plan was issued to the parish in 2016, the team wound down. Their website has now been closed and all the content and documents have been archived in these pages.

If you would like to know more about the Neighbourhood Plan, please contact the parish clerk wanboroughpc@btinternet.com

Letter plus feedback form.pdf
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Wanborough Neighbourhood Plan

8th March 2016

Dear Parishioner,

This document is the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for the parish of Wanborough and will guide our future developments to 2026. In addition to this document we have made a Strategic Environment Assessment which you can find, together with this plan on our web site, under headline NP Plan.

We would really appreciate if you could read the documents and send us your feedback by email to wanboroughpc@btinternet.com   (a soft copy of the comment form can be found on the website) or hand in your comments to Post Office.

We need to know what you think and even if you think everything is fine, please respond and say so!

The Plan has been put together by a team of parish councillors and people from Wanborough parish. The plan is based on two surveys, two Open forums and we are looking for your final feedback.

Once we have received your feedback, we will update the Neighbourhood Plan and send it in to Swindon Borough Council. They will enlist an independent inspector who will work with us until the document is correct. Once SBC have approved the document, there will be a referendum and the plan will come in force if the parishioners vote yes to the Plan.

There will be one Drop in event on 23 March 2016 at Hoopers Field between 6pm and 9pm where you can get information and ask the team questions.

The consultation period will run from 14th March 2016 to 25th April 2016.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Per-Axel Warensjo

Neighbourhood Plan Chair

Land & Business owners meeting held at Village Hall on 2nd February.  If you have any plans to develop your business or land and want it included into the Neighbourhood Plan, 28th February is the last day to register your interest. 

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire is now closed. We had 291 people responding and the results can be found on the Consultations page.

Through the Localism Act, which became an Act of Parliament on 15th November 2011, the government is giving local communities more power to influence the future of the places in which they live by preparing neighbourhood plans.


A Group of Wanborough Parish Councillors and volunteers has been established to draw together a Neighbourhood Plan for Wanborough. 


Group members:

Parish Council:  Per-Axel Warensjo  (WPC & Chair WNP)

                           Gary Sumner  (WPC Chair)

                           Andrew Bennett  (Ward Cllr, WPC)

                           Colin Offer   (WPC)

                           Colin Hayes  (WPC)

                           Angela Raymond  (WPC Clerk)


Community:      Keith Chapman

                          Tessa Lanstein

                          Dave Roberts

                          Martin Savage

                          Kate Spurdell

                          Brian Clarke

                          Barbara Parnell

                          Alex Muskett


Should there be any new housing development outside the existing built-up area? If so what and where.

What type of housing do we need in the Parish? More affordable homes and retirement homes?

Swindon's Plan

What is the impact of Swindon’s Local Plan on Wanborough?


What new community facilities do we need? More allotments?
More open spaces, more woodland and nature corridors, more employment areas?
Should we protect buildings and features of historical interest?
Do we need more footpaths and cycle paths?