What is a Neighbourhood Plan?


If you would like to know more about the Neighbourhood Plan, please contact the parish clerk wanboroughpc@btinternet.com

The Wanborough Neighbourhood Plan is about the use of land within the Parish of Wanborough up to 2026. Through the auspices of the Neighbourhood Plan, we are able to exert some control over the development of land within the Parish without contravening the constraints imposed by national planning policies and Swindon Borough Council’s Local Plan. Are you interested in or have views on:
  • Where should any new housing within the existing built-up area be located? What type or design should this be?
  • Should there be any new housing development outside the existing built-up area? If so what and where.
  • What type of housing do we need in the Parish? More affordable homes and retirement homes?
  • What is the impact of Swindon’s Local Plan on Wanborough?
  • What new community facilities do we need? More allotments?
  • More open spaces, more woodland and nature corridors, or more employment areas?
  • Should we protect buildings and features of historical interest?
  • Do we need more footpaths and cycle paths?

The Purpose of Wanborough Neighbourhood Plan About the WNP.pdf Adobe Acrobat document [294.3 KB]