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Community Fibre Partnership - Openreach

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Fibre Broadband Flyer Wanborough Parish Council are pleased that a revised scheme to bring fibre to Wanborough is now progressing and that a number of residents have signed up to the scheme. Although Wanborough Parish Council has previously been involved in discussions about bringing fibre to the village, the Parish Council was not included as a party to the current discussions.

However, as this is a matter of interest to many residents, it is important to ensure that all residents are aware of the proposals, not just those who use social media regularly.

As of 29.03.21 the take up is indicated as 93%.

Openreach Sign Up Page

Many of you will have received an email as a result of your initial pledge for the Gigabit Fibre broadband scheme. (See note from Michelle Maidment of Openreach below).

DCMS need vouchers pledged by 31st March or they will be lost from this year's funding.

This email has been sent to Wanborough & Liddington pledges as we have reached a critical figure when we are in the 'contingency' part of the scheme.

We need to focus on getting more people to pledge and their vouchers issued by March 31st, as if the build commences without them, they will have to pay potential additional costs to connect later, depending on their premises.

The key 'asks' for the voucher have not changed. Voucher applicants will be expected to take a FTTP (Fibre to the Property) contract once the build is completed for:

  1. A minimum of 12 months
  2. A minimum speed of 30 Mbps or double speed if the speed received today is greater than this, i.e. if you receive 40 Mbs today, you will be expected to take 80Mbs.

For clarity (from Openreach website): "Openreach works on behalf of communications providers to build and maintain the UK's digital network — the lines, poles and cables used to provide phone, broadband and TV services. We don't provide phone, broadband or TV services directly to consumers. To get these services, you should contact a communications provider below to find out about the packages they can offer you."

The providers listed in the link below include the common broadband providers, i.e. BT, TalkTalk, Sky, Vodafone etc.

Details on FTTP providers that could be used once the build is finished are here:


Fibre Broadband Flyer

From Michelle Maidment at Openreach: (emphasis added)


Apologies for not giving you advanced warning on this. The email is valid and is in response to those people that have very kindly pledged a voucher via our website.

The deadline of 31st March is fast approaching and given the size of the project and the number of applicants, a decision was taken to start sending details of those people that have already pledged to DCMS early, to avoid a situation where we time out – any vouchers not accepted and issued by this date will simply be rejected and therefore lost.

We absolutely do still need people who have not yet done so to pledge to reach the target - by applying early we are trying to ensure that everyone has reasonable time to accept ahead of the deadline to avoid any funding being lost.

Once again apologies for the lack of warning and of course any questions please let me know. Please also pass on my thanks to everyone who has pledged so far – we are within reaching distance of the target and I know that this is as a result of the tremendous amount of effort by all involved.

Best wishes

Michelle Maidment

Once all pledges have been received from households and the total pledge (cost of the scheme) is met, the next steps are:
  1. Gigabit will write to all households who have pledged their voucher to confirm their agreement by signing and returning their letter. This needs to be completed so that Openreach have confirmation that the total cost of the scheme is met.
  2. The build process completed within 12 months:
    • Surveying for scope of works to assess, for example, if there are any trees that need removing or there are wayleaves that need signing.
    • Build estimate and delivery programme.
  3. Build to the boundary - fibre will be built to a distribution point near to your property and this completes the work by Openreach.
  4. Each household can then contact their providers (broadband suppliers) to connect to "ultra-fast" broadband.
Please note that the long term plan is to withdraw all copper phone lines by 2025, so now is an ideal time for everyone to start thinking about fibre broadband. So please consider pledging your vouchers.

Frequently Asked Questions Document (updated 25.01.21)

More FAQs (11.02.21):

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme Terms & Conditions

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