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Wanborough Trail and Storyboard

We are holding a public consultation on Saturday 20th October from 14.00 - 16.00 and Sunday 21st October 11.30 - 13.30 at St Andrew's Church, Wanborough.

We are proposing to locate a number of story boards and posts, placed at key locations around the village. These boards and posts will introduce the story of Wanborough's diverse history, culture, and public art, celebrate our natural heritage and inform us of some of the people that have lived here before us. The boards and posts will be linked via a trail which encompasses both Upper and Lower Wanborough, depicted on a stylised map. The trail will include collectable symbols attached to each board adding interest as you complete the walk.

The trail and Wanborough story will be linked to our Parish website. A copy of the stylised map will be available there for all to download and view as you complete the walk if you do not want a paper leaflet. Those wanting more detailed information about our village History etc will be able to access and read more here too.

We will have on display:
  • A draft map and proposed route for the trail
  • A map of the village showing all the key points of interest identified to date
  • Samples of similar boards and maps to help you visualise our goal
  • Details of potential funding sources
  • Identified benefits to the village
You will be able to feedback on:
  • Whether you approve of each aspect of the project, if not all of it.
  • What materials we should have the boards and posts made from, if we get a majority vote to proceed from residents.
  • Any additional information you are aware of that we may not yet have captured.
This is your chance to comment and offer to help with the project, if you would like to. We look forward to seeing you at The Church on either of the days. Please bring along younger family members to have their say as we welcome their input.

Anita Basevi

As the first step in this process we have improved the 'History' page of the website using 'Brief Introduction To The History Of Wanborough' created by Brian Clarke and the village History Society in 2012.

History Page Here →