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Hooper’s Field Questionnaire results

Many thanks to all residents who completed the Hooper’s Field questionnaire. A summary of all the results are shown in the two documents below.

Parish Council are pleased with the information gained from the questionnaire which will be a very useful evidence base going forward.

The sports facilities at Hooper’s Field were built just over 20 years ago; the land, along with a large sum of money, was donated by Mr Hooper to enable the Parish Council to build the facilities for the village. A lottery grant was gained and this money, along with the donation from Mr Hooper, enabled the construction of the pavilion, bowling green, tennis courts and sports field (used for cricket and football) that we have today. However, after 20 years of use, some areas are starting to look a bit tired and some of the facilities used by the clubs are insufficient for their needs.

Parish Council will be looking at how to improve the facilities to meet the local needs, to include the hall, kitchen, toilets and changing facilities and car park. Before taking the project further, the Parish Council would be very interested in hearing from anyone in the village that has suitable project management experience and would be willing to assist the Parish Council with this project. The money that would be used for this project would come from the funds remaining from Mr Hooper’s original donation (retained in Parish Council reserves), together with grant funding and possible S.106 money (from new housing developments). No funds for this project would be taken from the precept allocated for footpaths and village maintenance.

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