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Wanborough Road Street Lighting

The Parish Council raised some issues with SBC in relation to the proposals for street lighting on the Wanborough Road.

Use the link below to see the proposed plans.

Full Detailed plan here...
NOTE: This is a large and detailed file which may take a while to download and will need to be zoomed in to see full detail.

These are the Council's comments:

S278 – Redlands – Wanborough Road Street Lighting Scheme

I confirm that Parish Council discussed the Highways plan that you sent through and they would like to strongly object to any street lighting along Wanborough Road.

Wanborough Road is a historic roman road, it is within the rural non coalescence between Wanborough and the new eastern villages, installing street lights along this section of Wanborough Road will urbanise the area, impact on Wanborough village where most of the older areas of the village especially within Lower Wanborough Conservation area which Wanborough Road leads into which is completely unlit.

Parish Council have always stated that they do not want street lighting, there isn't a need for it and it will have a detrimental impact on the village. We are therefore surprised to see these plans with street lights all along the road and so close up to the village. It is clear from the plans and the dates on the plan that this is a matter that has been discussed over a long period yet this is the first time Wanborough Parish Council has seen them.

Can you please confirm who Parish Council need to contact within the Highways department to discuss further detail in relation to these plans. We have noticed, although it is difficult to see on this plan, that the entrance from Red House Farm onto Wanborough Road is going to be right next to the stopping point for one of the new chicanes, surely it would be better to design the chicane so that it's not going to impede on anybody's driveway entrance? Is there any reason for having designed it in that location? This is just one example and the reason why it would be beneficial for the detailed plans to be shared with us so that we can provide local knowledge to prevent anything like this happening. There are other entrances such as the allotment site that we would like to see the detailed drawings for but the plan you have provided doesn't go up to the allotments entrance.

Re: - S/COND/21/1190 - New Eastern Villages Southern Connector Road - Discharge of conditions 6 (Design), 12 (Lighting), 22 (Commonhead Junction) and 24 ( Commonhead Junction Design) following planning permission S/20/1538.

I confirm that Parish Council discussed the above application at their meeting on Monday (23rd) and wish to object to the following:-

Condition 12 - Lighting

Parish Council object to lighting along Wanborough Road, Wanborough Road is a historic roman road, any lighting will urbanise the area and will have a detrimental impact on the area. Parish Council also object to the need to have so much lighting leading up to the junction. There are many rural areas with junctions with no lighting to take into consideration the local rural area, Parish Council therefore request that SBC reconsider their proposals for so much lighting.

Pack Hill Roundabout - Parish Council object to the amount of lighting and the distance of the lighting proposed from the roundabout up Pack Hill. Pack Hill borders the AONB and there should not be any street lighting from the roundabout going up Pack Hill.

Condition 6 - Design - Signage

Pack Hill - Parish Council object to the large roundabout signs that are being proposed as you lead up to the new roundabout on Pack Hill. Pack Hill should only be used by local residents it is not a major route and therefore there shouldn't be a need to have such a large sign confirming directions. A smaller more appropriate sign for a rural area should be adequate for this road.

Wanborough Road junction - Can you please confirm that there is a "no left turn" from the New Eastern Villages travelling westbound at the Wanborough Road crossroads junction. There appears to be a "no right turn" sign but we can not see anything to confirm a "no left turn". Traffic travelling from NEV westbound you should only be allowed to go straight on. Please confirm this is still the case.

Below is the response from SBC to the points raised:

Dear Wanborough Parish Council,

Further to the meeting on 6th September, we note the concerns raised in relation to the street lighting proposed for Wanborough Road and the potential impact on the village.

As can be seen from the attached plan, the street lighting is proposed for the primary junction with Redlands, as well as either side. In terms of towards Wanborough Village, the plan illustrates the street lighting would be located between the Redlands access and just after the traffic calming chicane, rather than continuing all of the way to the village. The reason behind the street lighting extending to the proposed chicane is that there would be a safety concern were the key conflict areas, such as the junction / traffic calming, to not be illuminated. The guidance from Institute of Lighting Professionals refers to the ‘five second rule’ which seeks to avoid road users transitioning from lit areas into dark areas and back to lit areas – as there is a risk that drivers eyes may not fully adjust to the differing lighting conditions and this may pose a risk to pedestrians or other users in the street. An independent body undertaking a review of the Road Safety Audit (RSA) also advised this approach.

Since the meeting, Officers have reviewed potential measures to mitigate any potential impact from of the proposed street lighting. These include enabling the lights to be dimmed. Highways Officers have reviewed this and confirmed that the dimming controls outlined on the plan could be implemented in accord with safety guidance, and will be controlled by a Central Management System (CMS).

Further to this, Highways Officers have also investigated the use of baffles on the street lighting, which would further minimise any potential light spill. Whilst these are not used frequently due to the characteristics of LED lighting, and are only fitted in specific circumstances, Officers have requested that the developers install baffles on the proposed street lighting along Wanborough Road from the outset.

Whilst Officers note the concerns raised, highways safety reasons have made it clear that street lighting is required by this scheme. However, to minimise any potential impact from street lighting, Officers have sought to locate street lamps only where they are essential for safety reasons, as well as secure other mitigation such as dimming and baffles. On this basis, Officers will look to finalise the scheme with the developers based on the above / attached.

I also understand discussions on the other elements raised by the Parish Council during a site visit are ongoing, and an update on these will be provided separately.

Kind regards,

Edward Snook

Senior Planner – Strategic Planning

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