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What 3 Words

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Emergency services have always found it difficult to find some of our properties simply because a single postcode can cover such a large rural area. It's even more difficult for homes that have house names rather than numbers. And minutes can save lives.

A number of us have been promoting a mobile phone app called What3words. This has divided the planet into 3 metre squares and given each square a unique name using just three words. As a result, medical and other supplies are now being delivered to villages that are off the beaten track, all over the world.

Our emergency services are using this mobile phone app. increasingly. Thames Valley Air Ambulance are the latest to do so. With this in mind, can I suggest that we get the app. and make a note of the three words for our homes and stick that note either by or on our home phones.

Because the squares measure only three metres by three metres, you might find some hilarious names of squares that fall within your property. One of the squares for the Vicarage is "attends.fizzled.yacht" While serving in the RNLI it is safe to say that I did indeed attend to one or two of these, especially during Cowes Week!

So, as you can see this can make the name even more memorable. Perhaps our neighbours who struggle with technology might appreciate a bit of help with this too.

With best wishes and prayers


Revd William A O'Connell

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