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Wild Flower Area

Establishing a native Wild Flower Area - 1 year on.

Last year we set out to plant an area for native wild flowers next to the Church car park as a trial area before looking to establish other areas around the village.

So what have we learnt:-

  • Certain wild flowers have grown better than others, such as primroses, cowslips, ox-eye daisies, foxgloves and poppies. Others that we have planted do not seem to have grown very well but cornflowers are starting to show so maybe we will see some of these soon.
  • Keeping other weeds from swamping the wild flowers such as goose grass and nettles can be hard
  • You have to realise it's a wild flower area so it's not going to look as tidy as your garden.

So the question is do you want us to look to extend to other areas in the village.

One area that has been suggested to Parish Council is along the edge of Kite Hill there is an area of land where nothing is growing.

Why not let us know what you think with suggestions are areas you think would benefit wild flower planting by e-mailing the Parish Clerk - clerk@wanborough.info

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