Art and Culture

Wanborough has a long history of inhabitants that dates back to before the Romans. Whilst much of the art and the events they celebrated are lost or long forgotten our culture is still dominated by annual events and we have on display a number of art pieces for you to enjoy.

Historical records show that the people living here celebrated with feast days and holidays throughout the year. Some of these special events were held in line with the church calendar and saints' days, others to celebrate the seasons. There were a few held events held just because we wanted to, others that marked local social gatherings and let's not forget popular sports of the time.

Having regular events throughout the year means that in these modern times of working long hours often living distant from family and friends, we have any number of reasons to get together and maintain a strong community spirit. It helps us to engage with our neighbours, support and build our community.

Annual Events

Below is a list of events we celebrate each year. Some have been in the annual calendar for more than 50 years, the oldest surviving one being Dobbin Day, which is unique to Wanborough. Follow the links to find out more about all the village events or see "What's on in Wanborough" to find out when our next event is on.

Our annual diary includes;

Annually: Monthly:
There are a number of activities that have passed into history and new ones appear fill their space. Occasionally something will be resurrected for a time but in a new guise, such as the Carnival which at the time of writing had changed to a vehicle parade. Therefore this list is likely to change, hopefully with more events rather than less.

Public Art

We are lucky to have a number of items of art for all to enjoy. The largest of these being the three sculptures located around The Rodway Open Space. The majority of our works of art are located in St Andrew's Church and can be viewed when the church is open for services, tower open days, produce show days or by appointment with The Vicar. Follow the links below to find out more about them, our public artworks include;

Located at St Andrew's Church: Located at Rodway Green Space: