A Field Of Poppies

A Field Of Poppies
By Anita Basevi

Created in 2018 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. The installation is dedicated to the 20 men listed on the Wanborough War Memorials, which record those that fell during two world wars.

First displayed for 2 weeks prior to the centenary, on the front bank of Wheelwrights in Kite Hill. Moved to St. Andrews Church on 11th November 2018 for the Centenary Remembrance Service, where the poppies were displayed adjacent to the war memorials. The poppies remained there for a further 2 weeks.

Comprises 120 crocheted poppies, each attached to the dried stem of a living poppy. 100 red poppies represent 100 years, 20 red and white poppies represent the 20 men that left Wanborough and gave their lives for us. Each living poppy grew on the bank at Wheelwrights, where the display was originally located, in the spring of 2018.

This installation demonstrates the passing of life and time.
The memory of those lost lives over the passing years will remain with us always.
They will not be forgotten.

This piece of art is erected each year inside St Andrews Church, adjacent to the parish war memorial plaques, on or just before the Remembrance Day service. It is displayed for the following 2 weeks before being removed and stored for the future. To view the display in November or the components at any time please contact The Vicar.

Those remembered are:
William Cavey Charles Hatt-Todd Tom Richens
Oliver James Fishlock John Benjamin Looker William Edward Stallard
John Henry Fishlock John Chaytor Metcalf Bruce Wiseman
William F. Handley-Butt Henry Mills Harry Gleed
Edgar John Hinton Frank Morse William Poole
William Charles Kent Frederick Morse George Pickering
George Wild Clarence Kendrew