History Introduction

Residents today have very different lives to those that lived here before us and archaeological finds help build a picture of that past.

Swindon museum holds over 100 boxes of finds taken from the Parish, much of which relates to our Roman heritage. A number of ancient ancestors' bodies have been discovered and 3 Roman Hoards. However, Wanborough Parish has been inhabited for many centuries and our history goes back to well before the Romans.

To preserve the past Wanborough has 2 conservation areas, Upper Wanborough and Lower Wanborough, where many of our listed buildings still stand. However, there is much more to the parish than these 2 protected areas. Across the parish we have in total 34 grade I and II listed buildings, the site of a 2nd World War Airfield, a number of Scheduled Monuments, ancient burial mounds and lots of buried archaeology still to be discovered.

The village archives have been a source of information about our more recent past. There are also a number of historical books available that have been used to help build our story, these include:
  • "A History of Wanborough" by William Morris, original copies are held in Swindon Central Library and at the Swindon Museum
  • "Wanborough in Pictures" by Elizabeth Wilson, 2nd hand copies are still in circulation mostly owned by local residents

Follow the links below to find a little more out about the lives of some of our ancestors and the historical uses of some of our older buildings; There is much more we have to add to this list so check back again soon to see what is new.

In remembrance of our former residents

As a community we keep alive the memory of our former residents, and people that have worked here, with a number of different memorials around the villages and by awarding trophies at some of our annual events. Follow the links below to view some of those remembered;