The Wanborough Trail Maps - Red Route

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red route
Start at St Andrew's Church Carpark

  1. Walk through the car park to Church Meadow (enjoy the view)
  2. Turn right, walk to field entrance at The Lynch Field, continue along The Lynch Field to Church Road
  3. Turn right, walk along Church Road to Warneage Green
    • Optional shorter route - continue along Church Road to The New Calley Arms at Ham Road, re-join the Red Route at The New Calley Arms, point 8.
  4. Turn left, walk along Warneage Green, exit via the public footpath in the right-hand corner and continue to Kite Hill
  5. Turn left, walk down Kite Hill to The Beanlands
  6. Turn right, walk along The Beanlands to Stanley Close, passing the sculptured arch access to Rodway open space and Wanborough Primary School
    • Optional extension - join the Blue Route at point 8
  7. Turn right, follow the public footpath signposted to “Church Road”, walk to Stacey's Lane, stopping at Rodway Field to enjoy the view en route, then continue to Church Road at The New Calley Arms
  8. Turn left, walk along Ham Road to the right-hand bend and junction with The Hollow
    • Optional extension including a steep incline - walk up The Hollow and back, to visit the protected verge, enjoy the scenic view at the top and access The Ridgeway National Trail.
  9. Select one of the following options to return to St Andrew's Church car park
    1. To avoid a step over stile, retrace your steps to The New Calley Arms, turn left, walk along Church Road, past Warneage Green, to St Andrew's Church car park
    2. To include a step over stile, continue walking along Ham Road for approx. 300 metres to the step over stile on the right-hand side, cross the stile, follow the public footpath, via the churchyard, to St Andrew's Church car park