Wanborough Farmers' Market

There has been a long history of markets in Wanborough, which received a market charter many years before Swindon. The original markets would have been the only way local people could buy and sell their produce. Records show that people travelled many miles to attend them, using the network of ancient roads to drive their cattle from one location to another in the process. Sadly, the markets in Wanborough fell into decline and eventually ceased altogether.

In the latter part of the 1990s there was a resurgence in public interest in Farmers' Markets. Local produce sold by local people, for local people, who wanted reduced food miles and more seasonal produce. This interest led the way to the beginning of Wanborough's first Farmers' Market in many years. It began its life in February 2000 thanks to 3 local residents Alison Mills, Sue and Dave Birley.

Sue explained their reasons for wanting to start the market as a direct reaction to hearing a lot about genetically modified (GM) food production. There had been a local GM crop field trial and they wanted to take positive action, rather than just protest. Their aim was to bring local seasonal food to customers and help local producers. In the process they could see that this would restore links between the customer and producer, allowing for a direct communication between them, which would help build knowledge of production methods. Other key benefits identified included a reduction in the environmental impact, improved animal welfare and traceability.

Over the years many local producers have supported the market, which today provides an outlet for both food and other hand-made products. Ideally, food will have been produced within 30 miles of the market, the exception to this rule allowing for Fair Trade produce sold by Traidcraft. Goods sold at the market include honey, milk, eggs, vegetables, rapeseed oil, meat, cider, plants, wooden bowls, hand-painted silk scarves.

The market is held at the Village Hall from 9 am to 12 noon on the 3rd Saturday of every month, except August when our regular traders have the option to trade at the village show instead. The Community Café operates on the same day. All applications to trade local produce will be given consideration if space permits.

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