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Charitable or non-commercial groups in the Wanborough area can promote their organisation and events through this site. Simply send details to info@wanborough.info
Parish Council have worked with the PCC to combine our efforts so that there is just a single newsletter produced on a monthly basis that can be distributed free to all residents.

If you would prefer to receive the newsletter as a soft copy, via e-mail, then you will need to complete a consent form and return it to the Parish Clerk. The consent form is available below, to be completed electronically and then e-mailed to the Clerk, or hard copies of the form are available from the Parish Clerk on request.

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The Lyden Magazine is distributed monthly to the parishes of Wanborough and Liddington.

If you are resident outside Wanborough Parish Council, Annual Subscription: £10. Postal Subscription: £20

Email: lydenmagazine@gmail.com

Copy deadline 14th of preceding month

Subscription enquiries and distribution:
Email: lydensubs@gmail.com

Lorna Naseem
Tel: 07903 210505
Email: lydenadvertising@gmail.com

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