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Vicar's Letter

July 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Having spent a rain sodden week on the Wiltshire, Somerset border we pray that the gardeners and farmers have had their fill of rain. Although I have to admit that driving through the gorgeous countryside, just after the rain has stopped and the sun has begun to shine, really does show off the hills, trees and fields in a different light. That said, you cannot beat a bit of sunshine and heat, and with the summer holidays heading our way we pray for good weather for our barbecues, our beach time and our fetes and shows.

Wouldn't it be great if the Good Lord watered our gardens at night and allowed lovely warm sunshine during the day? Sadly, and as we all know, life ain't quite like that. The fact that it isn't doesn't mean that it's all bad either; many an invention has happened as a result of a mistake or an accident. The inventor of Coca Cola did so because he was trying to invent a pain killer because he was wounded! The guy that invented the pacemaker was trying to build a heart monitor and someone who was trying to invent a super strong glue ended up inventing Post-it Notes instead.

Suddenly, these individuals found themselves outside of their comfort zones. And what a blessing that has been for us all. New hobbies can take us out of our comfort zones too. The Military Wives Choir is just one example of people doing so, and what amazing results that produced? The 'Riverdance' was a bit of light entertainment designed to fill in a broadcasting gap while the various juries put together their votes for the Eurovision Song Contest. This went on to become an event of international acclaim.

'God-Incidents' rather than 'coincidence' is the known way of things for many long-in-the-tooth Christians. We can draw upon lots of examples in our own lives when this happened, either to us or to others known to us. 'God-Incidents' can be a great source of food for our faith by encouraging us to look out for when they might happen again. Zavi Achmed got to rescue a baby locked in a smouldering car. The police were called, but even after smashing the glass they were too big to get in and rescue the baby. Zavi climbed in and unlocked the door allowing the police unhindered access. Zavi was five years of age and was wearing a Batman outfit at the time!

So, amazing things can and do happen to us at any age. They say truth is stranger than fiction and it is for this reason that we can happily sing the words of the tune made famous by M-People, to "Look for the Hero Inside Yourself". Precisely because God knew us and had plans for us even before we were formed in the womb, who knows what might be around the corner. Zavi is a classic example that proves the point that God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the Called. In his case, even dressing him up for the occasion! So whatever your God given calling, I pray you receive God's grace to find and enjoy it, for all our sakes.

With best wishes and prayers


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