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Vicar's Letter

October 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Funny how we love the outside, we love trips with family and friends that take us to places away from home. Shopping, trips to the beach or the pub; even when we are sat in the comfort of our own homes the call of the TV or the Tablet take our thoughts and minds away from the very room that we are sat in. Ever thought why?

Is it a result of our unquenchable need to know and to perform? The Archbishop of Canterbury has had a number of things to say on this. When he was an executive in the oil industry he thought a lot of the conservative prime minister of the time, and what they stood for. When he became a parish priest he was caused to think otherwise. Having visited a place called Beamish over the summer, and the coal mine around which it is built, my understanding of the way people can end up being valued less than the pit ponies that worked alongside them was brought home in a powerful way. Their lives were based on performance alone.

On stepping out from the mine, the romance of electric trams, shops that sold things in paper cones and to experience that pubs haven't changed that much over the years was really enjoyable. In these communities there was a search for an increased sense of fairness which was born out the sense of community that existed at that time. Today too, if someone at school fails, be that student or staff, then the whole school is in it with them. Sometimes people get this, sometimes they are so self focused that they don't. Truth to tell we really can't live without each other nor were we ever made to.

A bit like new shoes, it takes a bit of time and perhaps a bit of mileage together to get comfortable. The same applies to gloves, so knowing whose hands and feet we are called to be might be something worth thinking about. Just like taking a Ferrari to the supermarket limits the amount of shopping we can bring home, knowing which road we were made for helps us to feel more settled, more fulfilled. We all have our own and rather unique plan and purpose. Sometimes, just like Pinocchio we have to go back to our maker to find out what this is. In this season of thanksgiving and remembrance, I pray that all of us will get to know more deeply just how connected we are.

With best wishes and prayers


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