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Vicar's Letter

June 2021

Dear Friends,

The church has just celebrated Pentecost Sunday (often called the birthday of the Church), when God sent his Holy Spirit to renew, encourage and give strength to the disciples to boldly preach the gospel of Christ. This was followed by Trinity Sunday when we remembered that God is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The mystery of the Trinity - God is one and God is three in one.

In my study I have Rublev's icon representing the Holy Trinity. Three figures are seated at a table, each one looking and bending towards the other creating something of a circle of unity. They are bound together in love. That icon is a powerful reminder to me that Christians are called to love and work in unity.

That does not mean keeping the love between ourselves but sharing it with everyone around us. It shows us that we must work together, not in isolation. We need one another to make a completeness.

At the Benefice Annual Meetings new officers were elected for each of our 4 churches. That does not mean working in isolation - each must look to the other, making us one, learning from one another, supporting each other and growing together. That way we will be able to serve our parishes in a better way.

There are signs of new life all around us - seeds sprouting, buds appearing on trees and shrubs, fruit beginning to form. The dominant colour green is evident in many different forms, reminding us of new life and growth. Is it any surprise that, in church, the Sundays after Trinity have the liturgical colour green - reminding us again of new life, new growth, of being fed and nourished.

Following the 'lock down' we see signs of new life around us, looking forward to the opportunity to meet together again. May we take this opportunity to grow together in love - in our churches, in our families, in our communities and in our world.

With love


Line drawing of St Andrew's Church
St Andrew's Church Sign