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Vicar's Letter

June 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Flying around the country in a company car only allowed views of large scale scenery to have any real impact. And this was undermined significantly when sour weather and poor visibility got involved. Walking, even when it's ‘chucking it down’ adds a completely different perspective. Smelling the rain, the fresh air; hearing the sound of a stream, the birds, the traffic and even the sound of silence can often open up our personal bubbles; if only for a little while. I’m wondering if this is what is happening within our homes now. From rushing in, late at night after a long commute, to rushing out not many hours later for another restricted view of ourselves and our world has changed for many of us.

If we were to mention a thing called a ‘party line’ a decreasing number of us will remember picking up the ‘wired’ telephone and checking to see if our neighbour, who shared the line, was already using it. Thankfully, this has changed and we have a freedom to ring friends and family, and indeed see them while doing so, wherever they are in the world. And at any hour of the day! If we do so from our mobile phones it can be astonishing to think that we have more computer memory in our hands than was available to the rocket that put man on the moon.

That one small step for man was a giant leap for mankind in so many ways. It gave us scratch resistant lenses, velcro, satellites that allow us to make those international calls, to travel with less chance of getting lost and a huge amount of fire protection, health and safety equipment. So a journey can bring many and sometimes surprising benefits. Learning more about the people we live with or, for those of us that don’t - how to be a hermit, has been a journey a bit like that one small step for man.

Stopping to take in the view, like gazing at an amazing painting can get us lost in all sorts of wonderful ways. We can all be inspired, but especially by those we spend time thinking about. Hence the expression ‘being swept off our feet’. Rarely attributed to anything other than Love, it’s a wonderful expression that paints the picture vividly. In this beautiful season I pray that you will be swept off your feet both by what surrounds you and by the Author of it all.

With best wishes and prayers


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