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You are hereby summoned to attend the ANNUAL meeting of WANBOROUGH PARISH COUNCIL to be held at WANBOROUGH VILLAGE HALL, HIGH STREET, WANBOROUGH on Monday 22nd May 2023 at

19.30 pm


1. Election of Chairperson:

Members are requested to provide nominations for Chairperson of Council, all nominations must be seconded Newly appointed Chairperson to sign Acceptance of Office at the meeting

2. Election of Vice-Chairperson:

Members are requested to provide nominations for Vice-Chairperson of Council, all nominations must be seconded

Newly appointed Vice-Chairperson to sign Acceptance of Office at the meeting

3. Apologies: To receive and approve.

4. Declaration of interest Members are reminded that they should declare any interest they have in an agenda item at the start of the meeting or, if not previously foreseeable, during any discussion of the matter concerned.

5. Minutes: To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th April 2023

6. To agree Parish Council meeting dates for 2023/24

7. To adopt the General Power of Competence (GPC)

To re-confirm that Parish Council meets the criteria and to adopt GPC

8. To appoint members to serve on the under mentioned committees:

The Chair and Vice Chair are ex-officio for all committees

8.1 Planning, Finance and Policy

8.2 Footpaths and Village Maintenance

8.3 Hooper's Field

8.4 Hooper's Field Expansion Project

8.5 Allotments

9. Nominations of Chairs of Committees

9.1 Planning, Finance and Policy

9.1 Footpaths and Village Maintenance

9.3 Hooper's Field

9.4 Hooper's Field Expansion Project

9.5 Allotments

10. To appoint members to serve on the following subcommittee

10.1 Staffing

11. To appoint representatives on the under mentioned bodies as required:

11.1 Village Hall Management Committee

11.2 Swindon Area Committee

11.3Woodland Trust / Community Forest

12. Subscriptions

To review subscriptions to the following bodies

12.1 Wiltshire Association of Local Councils

12.2 National Association of Local Councils

12.3 Society of Local Council Clerks

12.4 Swindon Area Committee

13. Standing Orders and Financial Regulations To review and adopt:

13.1 Standing Orders

13.2 Financial Regulations

14. Code of Conduct

To review and adopt:

14.1 Code of Conduct


15. Report from Ward Councillor.

16. Planning:

16. To consider Planning Applications received:

S/OUT/20/0160 - Land At Foxbridge Village (south) New Eastern Villages - Outline application for mixed use development comprising up to 320 dwellings and a mixed use hub of up to 1,550sqm (use classes A1/A2/A3/A4/A5 and D1) with associated works. Details of the access from the Southern Connector Road to be determined, with all other matters reserved (revised details). Wanborough Road.

S/23/0438 - Lotmead Site Eastern Villages - Outline Planning Application (means of access off Wanborough Road not reserved) for demolition and/or conversion of existing buildings and redevelopment to provide up to 2,500 homes (Use Class C3); up to 1,780 sqm of community/retail uses (Use Class D1/D2/A1/A3/A4); up to 2,500 sqm of employment use (Use Class B1); sports hub; playing pitches; 2no. 2 Form Entry primary schools; green infrastructure; indicative primary access road corridors to A420; improvements to Wanborough Road and associated works. Variation of conditions 9, 10, 41, 42, 43, 46 and 47 from previous permission S/OUT/19/0582.

S/OUT/23/0456 - Land East Of Wanborough Road (Green Land) New Eastern Villages - Outline planning permission for up to 275 dwellings (use class C3) including the provision of affordable homes, together with pedestrian and cycle connections, landscaping, surface water drainage, open space to include play areas, allotments and other supporting infrastructure (including utilities) and engineering works including groundworks; removal of structures and demolition; with all matters reserved except for the formation of accesses from the

Southern Connector Road and Wanborough Road.

S/23/0493 - Land At The Marsh - Change of Use from agricultural land to a secure dog training site.

17. To receive Clerk's Report & update on Action Points

17.1 Update from the Clerk's Forum meeting held on Monday 15th May 2023

18. Assistant Clerk

18.1 Notification of resignation of the Assistant Clerk

19. Highways

19.1 Wanborough Road – To discuss recent correspondence received from Conlon.

19.2 20mph zones – 2nd consultation for The Beanlands & Magdalen Road housing estate 12th May to 2nd June 2023.

20. Finance

20.1 VAT reclaim for Sports Club fees

Confirmation that HMRC have approved the reclaim of sports fees VAT charges for the last four years

20.2 To consider correspondence received from Wanborough Bowls Club

Wanborough Bowls Club have asked the Parish Council if they will reduce the cost of their Licence Fee for 2023/24.

20.3 Lower Recreation field – Football Goalposts

To approve cost to repair the goal mouths for the 9v9 football pitch and to replace the two smaller goal posts at the top of the field.

20.4 Church Meadow Play Area – Fencing

To approve the revised cost of installing fencing around Church Meadow play area to include to self-closing gates

20.5 Payment Schedule for May 2023

To approve the payment schedule for May 2023

Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation), Crime and Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.

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