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Wasdell Properties - Inlands Farm


Planning Enquiry

The appeal is dismissed

Read full decision here...

Covering letter to Parish Clerk


The second part of the Inlands Farm Planning Inquiry closed today after two additional days. Tuesday included a roundtable discussion on matters raised by National Highways (formally Highways England), plus a discussion on the objection raised by the Environment Agency in relation to the additional discharge into the river. Wednesday (today) we heard closing statements from all parties.

The Inspector is due to carry out a number of visits in around the village, surrounding area, Swindon and Wasdell factory on 16th & 17th September, some will be accompanied and on his own.

The Inspector has given an estimated date of the end of November 2021 when he thinks he will be able to confirm his decision on the case.

Our thanks to everyone who has provided an input to this case. We will all now have to be patient and wait for the Inspectors decision on this.


The second part of the Inlands Farm inquiry commenced on Tuesday 7th September and expected to last 2-3 days.

The outstanding matters that are due to be discussed over the 2-3 days include - Items raised by Highways England, further discussion on an outstanding point raised by the Environment Agency, plus there will be Closing Statements by all parties involved.

All documents relating to the Inquiry are here...


The Inlands Farm Inquiry is due to start today at 10am.

See below for the draft timetable.

If any residents wish to join and listen to any part of the Inland Farm Planning Inquiry, details on how you can join the meeting are available from the Parish Clerk - clerk@wanborough.info

Appeal Timetable


Inlands Farm - Planning Appeal Inquiry - Update

The latest letter and update on the Inlands Farm Planning Appeal Inquiry which is due to start on 15th June for your information.

A link to SBC's website where all the documents relating to the appeal can be viewed as follows:-


Click Images for larger view

Planning enquiry page 1
Planning enquiry page 1

SBC have confirmed that the applicant for the Inlands Farm Science Park planning application have submitted an Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Documents relating to this appeal are now available to view on SBC website. A link to view the documents if you are interested in reading what their "Statement of Case" includes as follows:-


There are likely to be further documents loaded on SBC website over the coming weeks.

Parish Council will continue to strongly object to these plans.
This is the Parish Council's objection document, which can also be downloaded for incorporation into your comments.

Download Here...

Inlands Farm - Revised Plans
We have received notification from SBC for revised plans:-

S/OUT/18/1943 - Inlands Farm - Science Park

Parish Council will be reviewing these plans and submitting their comments in due course.

We will also post a copy of the letter here and on our website for residents to view and use to help them with their own letters.

As these are revised plans it is important that residents who have previously objected to this application submit their comments again. All previous comments will not count again for the revised application.

There is now a document giving guidance on comments you might wish to make, which can be incorporated into your submission. Download Here →

Please e-mail SBC - sbcdc@swindon.gov.uk quoting planning reference (S/OUT/18/1943) - deadline 19th June

We realise the timing of such a large application is not ideal especially due to the significant impact to the village. We will be highlighting this to SBC. Please note that Highways England have already put a 6 month hold on the application as per their letter dated 8th April 2020, so this will give us some time and reassurance that permission will not be granted for a few months yet.

Please look out for further details

Read the Parish Council's comments on the planning application S/OUT/18/1943 - Inlands Farm The Marsh

Document HERE...

These are the Parish Council's comments that will be sent to SBC in relation to the following planning application:-
S/EIA/18/1472 - Inlands Farm - Request for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Opinion for proposed development.

Read here →

Watch the video below with their explanation of the reasons for wanting the development on this site and the scope of the development.

Key points:
  • Phase One, the manufacturing facility, will employ initially 650 people (from the existing J16 site), rising to 1250. Phases 2 & 3 (the actual Science Park) could increase this to 3000 by 2025.
  • Phase One to be built by 2021.
  • The site has been requested because it is unallocated land under the local plan.
  • They want to have freehold control, so that they are their own landlords.
  • The expansion of the company requires a large facility all on one site.
  • Operations would be 24 hours a day.
  • Shift changes at early / off peak hours.
  • Levels of traffic increase "quite low".
  • Have been looking for a site for 2 years.

Wanborough Parish Council comments on Wasdell Properties – proposed "Science Park" at Inlands Farm.

Read here →

Planning Proposal S/EIA/18/1472 →
(This mostly contains information on the location of the site, the environmental factors which will be taken into account and the methodology. There is little information on the actual development)

The website with all the information at the 'consultation' is now live. Please look through the details and give your feedback or ask questions.

This is feedback to the developers, NOT Swindon Borough Council.

Please copy in Parish Council: clerk@wanborough.info and Ward Councillor Gary Sumner: gary@ridgewayvillages.co.uk

Website here →

These are the contact details for feedback to Wasdell.

There is also a feedback form on the website, but many of the questions are focussed on the various environmental aspects of the design, rather than the principle of development on the site.