Chats and Thrushes

This is a colour coded guide to how easy it is to see these birds in and around Wanborough. Please note that many of our birds migrate and can only be seen either in the spring/summer or the autumn/winter. This means there will be something to find all year round. If you need help identifying a bird and can't find it here, then try the "Identify a bird" section on the RSPB website.

Click on the images below to see more pictures of our local bird population.

Easy to see around the village, good for new bird spotters to identify

Frequent visitor fairly easy to find around the village and surrounds

More difficult to spot, rare to find in the village, you will have to go looking for these

A rare find, keep your eyes open, you never know you might be lucky.



Spotted in Wanborough or around


European Robin

We have them all over the village. Very territorial and will stay in the same location for many years


Has been seen along the field edges of The Hollow in late summer


Has been seen along the field edges of The Hollow in early spring and autumn when migrating

Northern Wheatear

Likes to nest in the fields on the Wanborough Plain


We have them all over the village the females are not black but brown


Winter visitor. Like a Thrush, but a red flash under each wing when it takes flight. During very cold snaps they move in to Lower Wanborough to gorge on berries on the bushes.


Winter visitor, less common that its other Scandinavian relative the Red Wing. Can usually be seen on Wanborough Plain from November.

Song Thrush

Has a distinctive repeating song, and likes to smash snail shells on rocks so is often spotted on the ground, has been seen across the village

Mistle Thrush

Larger than the Song Thrush, tends to perch high in tall trees. Has been seen around the Lower Rec.